General Questions (11)

What is Crowd Studio?

Crowd Studio is a safe, fast and simple online marketplace where people can sell and purchase custom music and audio.

We are a crowdsourcing platform where anyone – from a corporation looking for a sound logo, to an individual seeking a personalized song for a special occasion – can meet up with talented musicians who can create music to order.

Here’s how it works: say you represent a corporation about to launch a commercial campaign, and you need a jingle to be played on a local radio station. All you have to do is create a “Project” within Crowd Studio. It is all done in 3 easy steps: the first one is creating a brief specifying what you want: How long should this piece of music be? In what style? Should it be sung or instrumental? When should it be ready? And how much you’ll be paying for it. Once this Project is launched, the second step begins: musicians from all over the world can write and record their music according to your brief, and submit it as an entry to your Project. Once the project reaches its deadline, step three starts: you will choose the entry that best fits your needs and announce it as the winner. You get the music you want and the musician gets paid, all in a timely and uncomplicated manner.

If you already know and like the work of a particular musician in our website, you also have the option of hiring him/her directly, thus creating a One-on-one Project.

Here are examples of what you can purchase at Crowd Studio:
• Soundtracks, sound effects and voice over for mobile apps and games
• Soundtracks, sound effects and voice over for videos
• Jingles, spots, sonic logos, tags, voice over for commercial purposes
• Personalized songs, sound-alike/covers, mixing and more!


Why Crowd Studio is the best alternative?

  • Cost-effective – Clients can choose the contest prize and the features to promote their project.
  • Quick – Most contests take about three weeks and Clients have seven business days to select the winner.
  • Safe – If Clients are not satisfied with the entries submitted to their contests, we offer a Money Back Guarantee.
  • Wide selection – Clients will have many options to choose from and choose their favorite entry.
  • Custom-made products – Musicians will post customized entries for each project.

Click here to see how it works.


How does a Contest work?

Here is how a Crowd Studio Contest works:

1 – Tell us what you need – Describe your project, name your price and your deadline.

2 – Collaborate with Musicians – Musicians will submit their creations to compete for a prize. Provide them feedback to help Musicians deliver a product you love!

3 – Choose your favorite – Select your favorite entry, download the final audio files and release the payment!

You can also invite your favorite Musician for a One-on-one Project.  Start your project now!


What is a One-on-one Project?

A One-on-one Project is similar to a contest, but the Client chooses a single Musician to work with. Therefore, Client and Musician can work together every step of the way to create the best possible product. If you want to work with your favorite Musician, a One-on-one Project is the best option for you.

The process is simple: go to “Post your project”, select “One-on-one Project” under “Project type”, and then you can type the username of the Musician you want to work with, or choose one of our Top Musicians. Start your project now!

Alternatively, you can also browse through our Musicians list and then simply click on the “hire” button, to the right of your preferred Musician’s name.


How do I sign up as a Musician or as a Client?

Registration only takes few seconds and is free! Click here or click the “Register” button located on the top of the screen.

At sign up, you will fill out your information and select whether you are a Client or a Musician (you can only select one of the two options). Next, you’ll receive an account activation email – if you can’t find it in your inbox, look for it in your spam or junk folder. Just click the link provided in the email and you are ready to enjoy Crowd Studio!


What is a Master?

At Crowd Studio, a Master is what we call the final version of a Musician’s work. It is what is delivered to the Client: the final mix of the product (soundtrack, voice over, jingle, sound effects, etc.) in a high-resolution digital file.

Crowd Studio asks that Musicians submit their entries as MP3 files, because they are smaller files and load faster, but when selected as a winner, the Musician is prompted to upload a Master file.

Click here to learn about the acceptable formats for the Master file.


What is the best Internet browser to use on Crowd Studio?

Crowd Studio recommends using the following browsers:


Safari (version 5.1.x or later)

Internet Explorer (version 9 or later)

Firefox (version 20.0.x or later)


I found a copyright violation on Crowd Studio. How do I report this?

We are very serious about copyright violations. Please report it to us and send us all relevant information here.


How can I send a message to another user?

Each Contest has its own place for discussions. After logging in, you can post any comments or questions related to that project by clicking on the “Comments” tab inside the project detail page (Don’t know how to get there? Go the “Contests” page, click on the Project you want to comment on and find the “Comments” tab).


According to Crowd Studio’s Standard of Conduct, users are not allowed to exchange private messages and share their personal information.


How can I suggest new features or improvements?

We love constructive feedback and we are committed to providing you with the best service possible. To report bugs, make suggestions or even complaints, please contact us.


What is a copyright? What is a license?

“Copyright is a form of protection grounded in the U.S. Constitution and granted by law for original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression”, according to the US Copyright Law. Basically, it refers to the ownership of some form of original work (in our case, audio). Owning the copyright to a musical composition gives you the right to:

  1. reproduce the work (copies)
  2. distribute copies of the work (for sell, rental or lease)
  3. make a derivative work from the original (includes sampling)
  4. display the work publicly (basis for film, art, lyrics, etc)
  5. perform the work publicly

At Crowd Studio, you can sell and purchase music in 3 different ways: full transfer of copyrights, through an exclusive license, or through a non-exclusive license.

  1. A Full Transfer of Copyright is essentially a work for hire, in which the Musician is being paid to complete a work that will be owned entirely by the Client. The Musician will give up any rights to the composition.
  2. An Exclusive License is an agreement in which the owner of the copyrighted work, grants a Client exclusive rights of using and exploiting it for a period of time (written in contract) in exchange for a fee. The word “exclusive” means that the copyright owner cannot license the same work for anyone else as long as the exclusive license is valid.
  3. A Non-exclusive License, in turn, is an agreement in which the owner of the copyrighted work, grants a Client the rights of using and exploiting it for a period of time (written in contract) in exchange for a fee. But this time, the copyright owner reserves the right to license it to other parties at any given time in a non-exclusive fashion, regardless of preceding non-exclusive licenses granted.


Help for Clients (26)

How do I post a project?

It´s simple! Login to your “Client” account (if you are not registered yet, click here  and click on “Post a Project”, located on the upper menu. Then, you will need to tell us about your project, follow the steps:

Step 1 – Tell us what you need – Describe your project, set your deadline, pick your prize amount, transfer the funds. You can also boost your project with optional add-on features to get more entries!

Step 2 – Receive and comment on entries – Talented and experienced Musicians will submit their entries to compete for the prize. You will have the opportunity to rate and comment on each one or eliminate those you don’t like. Giving feedback to Musicians and requesting changes, will help you get exactly what you need.

Step 3 – Select the best entry and download the Master Easy! – Select your favorite entry and announce it as the winner. Then, you’ll be prompted to download the Master file. We’ll make sure the winner gets the prize money and you’ll get the product you love!

In addition to registering with Crowd Studio, you will also need a PayPal account to complete all your financial transactions. Please note that only users with a “Client” account can post a project.


What types of project can I post?

You can post whatever project you want, as long as it is related to music. We will present you with a set of categories to choose from, but if your project does not fit any of them, you can select “other” and describe what you’re looking for:

  • Audio for mobile apps and games
    • Soundtrack (score) – synchronized background music that accompanies the moving images of mobile apps or games
    • Sound effects – imitative sounds produced artificially, synced to events or actions of mobile apps or games
    • Voice over – the voice of an unseen narrator
  • Commercial music
    • Jingle  – short piece of music with a sung vocal accompaniment that is used for marketing purposes
    • Spot – short commercial composition that usually has an instrumental musical background and a spoken narration on top
    • Sonic logo – distinctive auditory identity for a brand
    • Tagline – slogan or sentence (sung or spoken) that complements or sums up the identity of a company or product
    • Voice-over – the voice of an unseen narrator
  • Audio for video
    • Soundtrack (score) – synchronized background music that accompanies the video
    • Sound effects – imitative sounds produced artificially, synced to events or actions of a video
    • Voice over – the voice of an unseen narrator
  • Other
    • Sound-alike/Cover – new performance of a previously recorded and released composition
    • Mixing – process by which multiple recorded sounds are combined into one or more channels
    • Personalized songs – special compositions to present someone on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions
    • Other music related product – if what you need does not fit the categories presented above, please select this option


How much does a project cost?

Crowd Studio offers our clients the freedom to create unique projects and set their own prices. To ensure our Clients’ satisfaction, each project can be personalized to extreme detail. The following are customizable:

  • Award amount (name your price)
  • Licensing and copyright (select the type of contract for your purchase)
  • Length or Units (specify how long your product should be, or in the case of Sound Effects, specify how many individual sounds you need)
  • Features (include optional add-on features to get more entries)

In fairness to Musicians, all products have a minimum award.


Can I post a project in multiple categories?

No. While posting your project, you can only select one category and subcategory. You’ll have the opportunity to better explain what you want in your “Project description”. The more detailed your description is, the better are your chances of getting exactly what you want.


Can I set the duration of my project?

Sure! You will be required to set the duration of your project during by choosing a time frame from 2 to 4 weeks. If you need to reduce this time to just one week, you can select the “Thunder project” feature. To learn about our features, click here.

Click here to post your project now!

How do I write a good creative brief?

Basically, you should be as descriptive as you can.

Your brief is a description of what you need for your project. It’s how you tell Musicians all about what you are looking for, details about your company, how you are different from your competitors, your preferences, your goals. You should be honest, clear and thorough to get entries you like. You can have an amazing project with a great prize but if you don´t write a clear brief, many Musicians won´t be interested. Remember, along with your project, there are many others that Musicians can participate in. They have a limited amount of time and they will be selective when choosing a project to work on.

Moreover, your project´s title is the first thing that Musicians will see when looking for a project to participate in. So, pick a title that can objectively catch their attention and that reflects what your project is.

Worry not! Crowd Studio will guide you as you write your brief. We have provided a number of fields and questions about your project for you to fill out and answer when posting your project. Although most of them are optional, we highly recommend you give as much information as you can.

How large an award should I offer in my project?

Only you can decide on what prize to offer for your project. Crowd Studio stipulates minimum prizes for each category to provide fair awards for Musicians. The minimum awards take into account the amount of work Musicians put into creating custom audio. Just keep in mind that the more you offer, the greater the number of entries you will receive.

What are the features that I can add to my project?

  • Refundable – Get what you want or get a refund. This is the default feature and it cannot be selected concurrently with the Assured project feature. Crowd Studio reserves the right to keep any fees or upgrade costs for refundable projects.
  • Assured – You can attract Musicians showing that you are a committed buyer and you assure to award one of the participants (and in case of Additional awards, one participant for each award). By choosing this feature, you are not allowed to request your money back.
  • Starred – Your project will appear among the first ones on the Contests’ list.
  • Private – You can keep your project brief hidden from your competitors and search engines. Only logged in Musicians will be able to view your project.
  • Silent – Only the Client who posted the project will be able to listen to the entries submitted.
  • Thunder – Your contest duration will be reduced to just one week! By choosing this feature, your project automat­ically becomes an Assured project; therefore you won’t be allowed to request a refund.
  • Additional awards – You can offer Musicians more chances to win an award for their work. You can purchase multiple entries and receive separate legal contracts and deliverables for all of them. You can offer up to four additional awards (adding up to a total of 5 awards in the same project)!
  • Invite our Top 5 Musicians to participate in your project
  • Invite a Musician to participate in your contest – You can invite a Musician of your choice by typing his/her username or you can select one from our Top Musicians.


How can I invite Musicians to participate in my project?

When posting your project, you’ll select the project type: either Contest or One-on-one. If you select a One-on-one project, you will be prompted to either type the username of the Musician you want to work with of select a name from our Top Musicians. Please note that you can only invite (hire) a single Musician to participate in your One-on-one project.

When launching a Contest, you’ll still have the option of inviting Musicians to participate in your project. This can be done when selecting additional features. If you chose “Invite a Musician”, you can type a single Musician username. If you select “Invite our Top 5 Musicians“ this will automatically select the 5 Musicians with the highest amount of points on our website.

To start a project, click here.

What are the benefits of additional awards?

Multiple awards significantly boost your project’s participation as Musicians have more chances to win an award for their work. By purchasing multiple entries, you can also combine the different elements or ideas you like the most from each entry to fulfill your needs, or develop multiple branding options for your products or company.

When selecting additional features for your project click the “offer additional awards” button, and write the amount of the second award. Follow the same procedure to offer a third, a fourth and a fifth award. In this manner, you can add up to four additional awards, even if your project has already been launched. Crowd Studio also sets a minimum prize value for each additional award (the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th awards must be respectively at least 80%, 70%, 60% and 50% of the 1st award). When offering additional awards, you’ll be purchasing multiple entries and receiving separate legal contracts and deliverable for each of them.

What are you waiting for? Click here and start your project now!


How will Musicians find out about my project?

Your project will be indexed to Crowd Studio’s browse section, called “Contests”, as soon as it is posted. Our Musicians are constantly looking for new projects to work on and they can choose to receive email notifications for new projects.

They can also follow us on Facebook  and Twitter

How do I pay for my project?

When posting a project, you’ll be asked to pay up front using PayPal – if you don’t have a PayPal account, click here. Once you’ve done that, you won’t have to worry about paying your winning Musician because Crowd Studio takes care of that for you. Your payment will be held in escrow until your project reaches its deadline and you select the winning entry.

We ask that you pay for your project when you post it so that our Musicians know that you are committed to purchasing an audio related product. Once a project gets posted, Musicians from all over the world will spend time and energy developing their ideas to contribute to your project. It’s only fair that they know you are a serious buyer. In return, you are protected by our satisfaction guarantee. And if you don’t find an entry you like, we will give you a refund. Click here to read about our refund policy.

What fees does Crowd Studio charge for posting a project?

Crowd Studio charges a 20% fee on top of your total award amount. For example, if a project award is $1000, the total cost to the Client is $1200 plus the cost of the optional add-on features the project holder selects.

Can I get a receipt for my payment?

When you submit your payment through PayPal, you’ll automatically receive a receipt through email. Furthermore, once registered with PayPal, all your previous transactions will be available in your account History within PayPal’s website.

Does Crowd Studio provide a legal contract for my project?

All users must agree to and electronically sign our Terms of Use when creating an account with Crowd Studio. This document is a legal contract that sets the conditions, rights and responsibilities by which all users must abide, in order to conduct any transactions through our website.


Please contact us if you have any specific questions.

How do I give feedback to Musicians participating in my project? How important is it?

The first and simplest thing you can do, is rate the entries you receive. The rating is made available instantly and it serves as a good indicator of how well the Musicians’ work is living up to your expectations. If a Musician’s entry receives a low rating, it will give him/her a chance to make changes and upload a new entry. Moreover, inside each project, there is a Comments section, where logged in Musicians and Clients can place their opinions, feedback and questions. Please make sure you check this page often and respond to all questions with due diligence. In essence, the better you can communicate what you like, the better the chances of getting it.

How do I manage my project?

After logging in into your Client account, go to your Dashboard and then click the “Projects” tab. Under the “My projects” subtab, you will find all your posted projects. Click on the project that you want to manage.

Inside your Project details page, you’ll find some organizing folders that can help you manage your project’s entries:

  • Favorites – While you are listening to the entries, you can mark them as favorites (as many as you want, by clicking on the “favorites” icon). This will help you keep track of your preferred entries and will help you to choose a winner.
  • Eliminated – You can eliminate the entries you don’t like by clicking on the “eliminated” icon. Those will be shown at the end of the Entries list.
  • Ranking – By the time your project ends and you’re ready to announce the winner, you must also have ranked the 5 best entries (1st through 5th place). You can rank the entries at anytime and change your ranking as many times as you want before your final decision is submitted. The ranking is only made public when you, the project holder, submit your final decision, by clicking on the “Select a winner” button (only available after the project ends). We understand that the 1st place is your main concern, but selecting the 2nd to 5th place is of great value to the Musicians, whom will be awarded points accordingly.
  • Rating – You can give feedback to Musicians on their entries by rating them. The rating is made public immediately and it helps the Musicians zoom in on what you like and avoid what you don´t like.


Why isn´t my project showing up on the first page of the Contests list?

The order in which the projects are shown on the Contests list as such:

  1. All projects are automatically sorted by Post Date. New projects are shown first, by default.
  2. “Starred Projects” appear on the top of the list (also sorted by post date);

Why isn´t my project getting as many entries as other projects?

Musicians can choose which projects to participate in. They tend pick those projects with higher prizes, better written briefs and featured projects. We advise you to make sure you’re offering a fair award (compatible with your scope) and a reasonable deadline.


In addition, to make your project more interesting for Musicians, you should give them constant feedback, rate their entries and keep your project’s brief updated. And remember, you can also invite Musicians to participate in your project.


Why was a Musician banned from my project?

When a Musician violates our Terms of Use or our Standard of Conduct, we may permanently remove his/her account. Here are some of the reasons an account may be permanently removed:

  • Posting a royalty free composition as an entry
  • Posting music to which user does not own the copyright
  • Posting personal information such as name, phone number, address, email, Facebook, etc.
  • If Musician had a previous account removed but created a new account, in violation of our Terms of Use
  • Although we can remove an account after a single violation, in most cases, we permanently remove accounts if a Musician commits 3 violations.

If you have specific concerns about a user banned from your project, please contact us here.

Can I end my project early?

When you post your project, interested Musicians start working on their entries and many of them plan to submit on the last day. In fairness to them, Crowd Studio doesn´t allow Clients to shorten their deadlines. Also, be aware that by letting your project run its full course, you’ll receive the largest amount of entries.

We highly recommend Clients on a tight schedule to consider the “Thunder” feature so they can post projects that run in just one week.

How much time do I have to select the winning entry after my project ends?

You have seven business days to select the winning entry.

If you really need extra time, just let us know about your needs right away by sending us an email stating how much extra time you will need and the reason (Crowd Studio limits the extra time to a maximum of seven business days). If your request is legitimate, you’ll be granted an extension.

How do I choose the winner?

After logging in into your Client account, go to your Dashboard and then click the “Projects” tab. Under the “My Projects” sub tab you will find all your posted projects. Click on the project for which you’d like to choose a winner.

You can manage your project by ranking, rating, choosing as favorites or eliminating entries to assist in the process of choosing a winner. If you want to learn more about how to manage your project, click here.

After the deadline is reached, a “Select a winner” button will be made available inside your project´s page. You must choose your 5 favorite entries by ranking them from 1 to 5 before you can submit your final decision. We understand that the winning entry (1st place) is your main concern, but selecting the 2nd to 5th place is of great value to the Musicians, whom will be awarded points accordingly. It is also beneficial to you, as you’ll keep track of your favorite Musicians and entries, which may come in handy if you decide to invite Musicians for a future project. After you’ve clicked the “Select a Winner” button and have selected your top 5 entries, you’ll have to confirm your final decision by clicking on “Confirm and Submit”.

How do I award my projects?

All you need to do is to choose a winner and Crowd Studio will do the rest for you.


When a winner (or winners, in case of Additional Awards) is selected, the Musician will upload the Master, which will be made available for you to download. Then, the award amount will be sent to the winning Musician´s PayPal account

I accidentally awarded the wrong entry. What should I do?

Your final decision will only be submitted after you click on “Confirm and Submit”. This will give you a chance to double check your selection before it is announced.

If you still made a mistake, please inform all Musicians immediately by posting in the Comments tab of your project that you’ve made a mistake. Then, send us an email informing us of this error. Please include the project information and the correct winning entry (as well as your remaining favorite entries) and we will fix that for you.

Can I ask the awarded Musician to make minor changes?

No. After awarding a Musician, we assume that you got what you wanted.  That´s why we highly recommend giving feedback to Musicians and rating their entries before your Contest closes, in order to provide them a better understanding of what you like and an opportunity to update their entries.

If, for some reason, you really want to request minor adjustments to the winning entry, please send us an email explaining the reason and we´ll help you to solve the problem.

Help for Musicians (13)

What will cost me to be a Musician on Crowd Studio?

Nothing! It´s absolutely free to register and to participate in our projects. You will not be charged any fees or commissions, even when you win a contest! What are you waiting for? Register now!


How can I earn points?

To make Crowd Studio even more interesting, we added a pointing system to rank Musicians. The more active you are on the website, the more points you’ll be awarded. As you earn more points, you’ll climb our Musicians chart, and will eventually be among our Top Musicians. This will improve your chances of being hired for a One-on-one Project, being invited for a Contest and will also improve your profile´s visibility!


There are several different things you can do to earn points:


  • Complete your profile  +15 points
  • Find and watch a contest  +5 points
  • Submit your first entry to a contest  +60 points
  • Submit an entry +10 points
  • First place award +150 points

    How can I find out about new projects?

    • Manually – All projects – new, open, closed – are searchable in our Contests section
    • By Notification – You can set up your notification preferences from your Dashboard, so you can receive a summary of new contests that you are interested in by email
    • Third Parties – You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter


    Can I follow a project without participating in it?

    You absolutely can! The easiest way to do it is by adding the project to your Watchlist. In order to do so, go to “Contests” and check the “Watch” box for the project you want to follow.

    The project you selected can now also be found on “My watchlist”, under “Projects” in your “Dashboard”.


    What are the formats accepted by Crowd Studio for the Master file?

    The Master file should be in .wav format.


    To learn more about what a Master is, click here.


    Why can’t I listen to the entries submitted by others in some projects?

    Clients have the option of making their projects “Silent”. Only the contest holder can listen to all submitted entries. In Silent projects, Musicians can express their creativity more freely, without worrying about protecting their original concepts.

    This is an optional feature the Client can select as an add-on when posting a project.

    Why can’t I view the details for some of the projects on the website unless I’m logged in?

    Clients have the option of making their projects “Private”. Only registered users, who are logged in, will be able to view Private projects. This ensures that the contents of the project and the Client’s information are not accessed by search engines or made available to the general public.


    This is an optional feature the Client can select as an add-on when posting a project.



    How do I submit my work to a project?

    After logging in, you can navigate to the “Contests” page and click a project title to view its details. Once you find a project you would like to participate in, you can click the “Submit Your Work” button (Alongside the tabs: “Brief”, “Entries” and “Comments”). Then type your entry title and upload your audio file. Done!

    For One-on-one projects, you can navigate to your Das­hboard, go to the “Projects” tab and “My Watchlist” subtab to find the One-on-one project you were invited to participate in.  Click the project title to view the project’s details and you’ll find the “Submit Your Work” button (Alongside the tabs: “Brief”, “Entries” and “Comments”).


    How can I communicate with a Client?

    Each project has its own “Comments” section, where you can ask questions, exchange information about the project, respond to comments and communicate with other participants and the contest holder.

    Here’s how you get there: after logging in, you can navigate to the “Contests” page and click a project title to view its details. Once you’re there, you’ll find the “Comments” tab alongside the tabs: “Brief” and “Entries”.

    We are committed to promoting fair play. In order to give every Musician equal chances of winning, private messaging is not allowed.

    What should I do if someone is copying my work?

    We take copyright infringement and protection of intellectual property very seriously. You should report it to us immediately, via email, including all details of the violation and any supporting information. The more detailed you are, the faster we can solve this problem.

    Click here to contact us.

    How do I withdraw an entry that I have posted?

    If you’ve submitted the wrong file as an entry, or if you do not own the copyrights to this file, please contact us right away and let us know the entry name, submission date, Project title and the reason why you need it withdrawn.

    Click here to contact us.


    How do I find out if I´ve been awarded a project?

    If you are selected as a winner, Crowd Studio will send you a notification by email. This email will also contain information on what to do next and how to upload your master so that the Client can download it and confirm your payment.


    How and when do I get paid for a project that I´ve won?

    Once you have been selected as the winner, you will be notified by email and prompted to upload your Master so that it can be delivered to the Client. After the Client confirms the delivery and approves the Master, your prize will be transferred to your PayPal account within 7 business days.

    You can track the entire process! Just go to your Dashboard and click the “Transactions” tab. This is your control panel, where you’ll find a list of all transactions for which you have received or will receive a payment, including completed projects you´ve won and Music Shop products you´ve sold.

    At this time, all payment transactions must be made through PayPal. If you don´t have a PayPal account, click here to register.


    We are planning on offering other payment methods in the future. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.


    My Account (6)

    How can I change my email, username or password?

    Your username is automatically created upon registration with Crowd Studio, and it cannot be changed.

    To change your email or password, simply login, navigate to your Dashboard, click the “Profile” button under your username, and click on the “Account” sub-tab. Simply, type your “New email” address and/or “New password” and click the “save” button.


    I forgot my password. What should I do?

    Don’t worry! You can retrieve your password here. If you are still having trouble, please contact us and we will solve this issue for you.


    How do I manage my notifications?

    It´s easy! Login and access your Dashboard. You will see the topic “Notifications” right below your profile info. Select the options you are interested in and click “save”!


    What should I do if a user is behaving inappropriately?

    If you notice some improper behavior from a Client or a Musician, please send us an email, including all the relevant information about the misconduct you observed. We will take all the necessary actions to solve it.


    How can I terminate my account?

    We’ll be sorry to see you go, but Crowd Studio respects user’s requests above all. After logging in, access your “Account Settings” on the first page of your Dashboard.Then, select “Terminate my account” and save.

    If you have any feedback, suggestions or even complaints, feel free to contact us.


    I signed up, but didn’t get the account activation email. What should I do?

    Your activation email is probably in your spam or junk folder. But if you still can’t find it, just “contact us” and we’ll help you activate your account!.

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